Building, repairing, enhancing interpersonal relationships.


Struggling or feeling disconnected in your relationship? Not being heard? Struggling to communicate?, Stuck in cycles of reactivity? or hit an impasse?  Perhaps you’re in a new relationship and wanting to create a solid foundation, grow and develop your relationship?

Get to know more about yourself, your partner and your relationship, learn how to better connect, communicate and repair conflict, so you can restore your sense of connection.


Do you have team members who are not getting along? Perhaps support staff not engaging well with clients? Is your team not performing to their full potential? Are there difficult conversations to be had?

As in personal relationships, it’s often relationship issues that get in the way of individuals and teams achieving their best results in the workplace. Learn more about developing conscious relationships for the workplace.


First-time parent? Battling with a teenager? Wanting to reconnect with an adult child?  Or Co-parenting? It’s never too late to build stronger connections with your child – not only giving them a secure, loving base, from where they can step into life but also empowering a stronger, more conscious “next” generation. Get to know yourself well as a parent, empower yourself with new awareness, skills, and knowledge to develop attuned, compassionate connections with your children.


Wanting to get to know yourself better? Trying to make sense of how you show up for yourself and in your relationships?

Learn how to deepen your self-awareness, self-management, and self-care in order to nurture your connection with yourself. Explore and deepen your self-knowledge about your relationship with others. Connect with your purpose and potential for taking your best self forward in a broader world.




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