“Love is a dance of meeting and parting and finding each other again.”



Even though we now have more ways than ever to communicate and connect, most relationships struggle, and some more so under the load of these extraordinary times. At many levels we are being called to reflect, re-evaluate, and restart in new or different ways. Our relationships are expected to be the “holdalls”, without proper care and attention, while people focus on other things.

At some point all relationships will shift off autopilot and then start asking of us to consciously and intentionally co-create the relationships we want. Experiencing disagreements, frustrations, and conflict in our relationships is a given, and any breakdowns in our sense of connectedness need to be repaired and restored as quickly as possible.

“The only real difference between the best and worst relationships is this ability to repair.”


Knowing HOW to repair and reconnect again is a cornerstone of relational growth, resilience and sustainability. When we feel most connected, we can bring our best selves forward, not only as individuals, but in our relationships, families, work, and broader communities.

Join me on a journey to co-creating your best relationships – whether that is your relationship with yourself, a partner, as a parent or a business relationship. Learn how to connect to a sense of your own potential to strengthen the quality of your relationships – the very relationships that determine the quality of your life.


Wendy Lawson


Building, repairing, enhancing interpersonal relationships.


Struggling or feeling disconnected in your relationship? Not being heard? Struggling to communicate? Stuck in cycles of reactivity? or hit an impasse?  Perhaps you’re in a new relationship and wanting to create a solid foundation, grow and develop your relationship?

Get to know more about yourself, your partner and your relationship, learn how to better connect, communicate and repair conflict, so you can restore your sense of connection.


Do you have team members who are not getting along? Perhaps support staff not engaging well with clients? Is your team not performing to their full potential? Are there difficult conversations to be had?

As in personal relationships, it’s often relationship issues that get in the way of individuals and teams achieving their best results in the workplace.

Learn more about developing conscious relationships for the workplace.


First-time parent? Battling with a teenager? Wanting to reconnect with an adult child?  Or Co-parenting? It’s never too late to build stronger connections with your child – not only giving them a secure, loving base, from where they can step into life but also empowering a stronger, more conscious “next” generation. Get to know yourself well as a parent, empower yourself with new awareness, skills, and knowledge to develop attuned, compassionate connections with your children.


Wanting to get to know yourself better? Trying to make sense of how you show up for yourself and in your relationships?

Learn how to deepen your self-awareness, self-management, and self-care in order to nurture your connection with yourself. Explore and deepen your self-knowledge about your relationship with others. Connect with your purpose and potential for taking your best self forward in a broader world.

Imago Relationship Therapy is a theory and therapy of committed relationships. It provides a relational approach and framework for understanding the dynamics and interaction of relationships (intimate partners, parent-child relationships, business relationships). Imago theory helps to clarify what happens when we fall in – and out of love and explores a deeper understanding of the nature of conflict and defensiveness. Couples learn how to connect and grow together in a creative, enlightening, and healing way for a more loving, passionate, safer, fun-filled, and ultimately a more fulfilling connection.  Imago offers a sense of hope and possibility for relationships.


Investing in your best relationships.

Reconnect Again

This 4-hour, private Reconnect Again session is designed to develop and foster a sense of connection between partners, and to create a space for connecting and constructive communication. It is not about working on “issues”, but rather working on the “connection”.

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Imago Parenting

This six-week Parenting journey, incorporates Imago Relationship Theory, with insights from latest research in neuroscience. The workshop aims to strengthen the connection between you and your child, develop a deeper understanding of yourself and his/her unique needs.

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Communication Essentials

Communication is crucial for determining the quality of the relationships we form with others. In this half-day workshop, we’re going back to the basics, focussing on relational language and the essentials of healthy, constructive and connecting communication.

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“Your work with our relationship has been invaluable and has had a knock-on effect to so many other aspects of our lives.”
“Our relationship has really transformed.  Other people have also noticed the change in how we are together. We both feel empowered and supported.”
“We really loved Wendy’s approach to couples counseling. She was kind, patient, and took great care in listening and understanding so that we could work together towards building a stronger foundation in our relationship.”


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