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“If there were such a thing as a cure-all for disconnection, it would be conscious emotional attunement.”


Many people attend to annual check-ins – health, eyes, car, finances.  Have you thought of including an annual relationship check-in? Our relationships are expected to be a “holdall” for the load of our busy and often stressful lives, without the proper tending to.  Added to this, as we are learning how to best navigate a post-lockdown world, many relationships are carrying additional loads of these extraordinary times. Relationships are desperately needing space and time for care and reconnecting.

At the relationship check-in we place your relationship at the fore, and:

  • do a bit of reflecting on the past period,
  • look ahead with purpose and goals,
  • learn/recap key relational practices,
  • create rituals to stay connected, and
  • carve out ways to prioritise both relationship care, as well as self-care for each partner.

Think about doing a relationship check-in so you can tend to your relationship and stay as connected as possible. I recommend an annual relationship check-in, but it can be done more than once a year.

Your relationship check-in can be booked as a private session or watch out for dates of the next Relationship check-in Workshop.


Reconnect Again

This 4-hour, private Reconnect Again session is designed to develop and foster a sense of connection between partners, and to create a space for connecting and constructive communication. It is not about working on “issues”, but rather working on the “connection”. 

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Imago Parenting

This six-week Parenting journey, incorporates Imago Relationship Theory, with insights from latest research in neuroscience. The workshop aims to strengthen the connection between you and your child, develop a deeper understanding of yourself and his/her unique needs.

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Communication Essentials

Communication is crucial for determining the quality of the relationships we form with others. In this half-day workshop, we’re going back to the basics, focussing on relational language and the essentials of healthy, constructive and connecting communication.

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Wendy Lawson MSc(Psych) Stell.

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