Imago Relationship theory and therapy is based on the work of Harville Hendrix, PH.D and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PH.D, and was first published in 1980 as the best seller ‘Getting the love you want: A Guide for Couples” by Harville Hendrix, which has sold millions of copies around the world. It is a form of relationship therapy that has evolved over four decades and focuses on helping partners transform conflict and achieve a deeply connected, conscious, healing relationship. The Imago process creates a safe environment for partners to learn how to show up for each other, to be seen, deeply listened to, validated and empathised with, and to ultimately co-create deeper, more connected, more conscious relationships.

Some things you’ll learn in the Imago process:


  • The dynamics of partner choice and the initial attraction of Romantic Love,
  • That differences offer the possibility of growth, and there is purpose to relationship conflict,
  • Adaptative and defensive strategies we unconsciously carry from childhood and how these get in the way of deeper connections,
  • How co-creating your relationship space, “the space-between”, becomes the source of deep connecting,
  • That real Dialogue is different to debate, negotiating and dualling monologues,
  • The Imago Dialogue helps partners shift from reactivity and blame to understanding and empathy,
  • What each partner needs and longs for to feel loved and connected,
  • How to integrate positive behaviours and re-connecting rituals into your relationship.

The imago dialogue


The Imago Dialogue is the foundational process to help people shift through effective communication towards deeper connection. The Dialogue consists of three communication steps: mirroring, validation, and empathy. Moving through these steps helps to create emotional safety for each partner to access and share their own subjectivity about issues. Each person has a chance to talk, to listen and to be understood. It is way of interacting that strips off the layers and lenses of categorising, stigmatising, and judging – and allows a meeting of the uniqueness of each person, a meeting of acceptance and validation, and of presence. Dialogue provides the opportunity and context for repair, healing and growth to happen within the relationship. Ultimately, the goal of the Imago Dialogue is to help partners find their way back into deeper connection.



“I’m so grateful for our work together and recommend that every couple equip themselves with Dialogue tools.”

“The Imago method encourages self-empowerment. I don’t need to feel lost or confused in my relationship anymore.”

“I was initially sceptical, but now am a convert.”

“Imago will turn your relationship into a Relationship!”

“Learning the Dialogue is must for everybody – from engaged couples to oldies.”

“I’ve learnt a life-changing skill.”

“Imago helped us reconnect as a couple, to resolve conflict in a safe and constructive way.”

“Imago breaks down the downward spiral of couples in trouble and takes them to new levels of closeness.”


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