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“Creatively designing joyful life patterns together.”

Harville Hendrix

This 4-hour Reconnect session develops the sense of “connection” between partners, and deepens the relationship space that they exist in. While the focus is not on specific “issues”, through creating a safe space and a structured process, deeper connecting and attuned dialogue become much more effective.

Learning how to co-create the relationship they want, partners reconnect around a vision and values; learn to attune and listen to each other from a place of deep attention; learn to speak each other’s love language; gain insights into each other’s needs for connection; and build relational rituals to maintain a sense of connectedness in everyday life.

The Reconnect session is beneficial for couples who:

  • Are feeling disconnected (e.g. periods after the birth of a baby, after periods of busy-ness or separation),
  • Want to rekindle their connection (e.g. shifting into new life stages),
  • Want to improve and enhance their sense of connection,
  • Are in a new relationship and want to build a solid relational foundation.

The Reconnect session is a private session for couples, and allows the time and space needed to co-create & experience a felt sense of connection.

Client Appreciations


“My husband and I found the Re-connect Session invaluable. It helped us identify better ways of communicating with each other and to really hear what the other was saying, in a very positive environment.”


“Wendy was a superb guide through the process and we left with new skills and confidence to strengthen our relationship.”

“The reconnect session was very helpful – it is often the small acts of kindness and communication that can make all the difference and we learned a lot about how to get back to the basics and build a stronger foundation. There are many tips and learnings that we can take forward with us.”

“This was such a beneficial session! We left with our relationship feeling warmer and more connected.”


“Thanks so much for all the knowledge you have instilled in us – we feel so equipped to deal with any challenges that may appear on our journey together.”


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Imago Parenting

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Communications Essentials

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