Communication Essentials

“It is the dialogical nature of communication between two people that determines the quality of that relationship”


Most of us were never taught how to communicate effectively and yet communication is crucial for determining the quality of the relationships we form with others. In this half-day workshop, we’re going back to the basics, focussing on the essentials of healthy, constructive, connecting communication. We learn the basics of a relational language, that we can use, not only in our personal/intimate relationships, but in all spheres of our lives, for example, in our families, school, work, and social environments.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to listen to gain understanding,
  • How to talk without blaming and shaming,
  • How to hold different viewpoints,
  • How to empathise with another’s feelings, and
  • How to build a relational language that shifts you from “duelling monologues” to “connecting dialogues”.

Communication Essentials is suitable for anyone over the age of 12 years old who would like to build/improve their communication skills and learn more constructive ways of interacting in their relationships.
The workshop needs you AND a plus-1. Your plus-1 can be your relationship partner, a friend, a sibling/family member, a parent/co parent, a teenager/child, or a work colleague.

Let’s start valuing our relationships enough to learn the basics.


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This six-week Parenting journey, incorporates Imago Relationship Theory, with insights from latest research in neuroscience. The workshop aims to strengthen the connection between you and your child, develop a deeper understanding of yourself and his/her unique needs.

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Relationship Check-In

Our relationships are expected to be a “holdall” for the load of our busy and often stressful lives, without the proper tending to, and need space and time for care and reconnecting. Think about doing a relationship check-in to prioritise both relationship-care and self-care.

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Wendy Lawson MSc(Psych) Stell.

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