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“May I live this day compassionate of heart, clear in word, gracious in awareness, courageous in thought, generative in love.”


John O’Donohue

As relationship specialist, Wendy Lawson coaches, facilitates & educates couple, parent, individual, business & other interpersonal relationships.  Her work is focussed on helping people build, repair and deepen their interpersonal connections. Informed by international best practice & research on relationships, Wendy’s work is scientifically grounded, having completed her MSc(Psych) (cum laude) on improving couple communication and the effectiveness of an Imago Relationship Therapy intervention. As a certified Imago Relationship practitioner, she largely uses the Imago Relationships theory and practice in her work and also draws from up-to-date relationship science and other world-leading relational experts.

Wendy’s expertise, experience and wisdom, developed over three decades of working closely with people and relationships, assists clients to demystify what’s happening in their relationship struggles. “Very few of us were taught how to communicate effectively, how to stay grounded when triggered, how to effectively resolve conflict, how to hold differences, how to set healthy boundaries, etc, and we unconsciously bring along to our adult relationships, old patterns of relating through what we observed, experienced, and expect in and of our relationships. I am passionate about helping people learn and adapt to new ways of relating so they CAN repair ruptures, heal and reconnect again.”

As an experienced Mindfulness practitioner, Wendy’s ability to create a space of non-judgement and loving acceptance of people showing up just as they are, brings safety, hope and a calming energy into the process of developing conscious, connected relationships.

Wendy offers private sessions, both in-person and online, workshop facilitation, presentations and talks on relationship topics.



“I really am amazed at how Wendy managed such delicate emotional transactions so tactfully and sensitively when she was working with us.”


“I really enjoyed the warmth and empathy of Wendy. I felt very safe at all times.”


“Many, many thanks for your help, you really have been invaluable to us as a couple and also to our family.”


“Wendy’s humility and sensitivity allowed us to feel understood, soothed and encouraged to do the work we needed to do.”


“Wendy is a wonderful, compassionate, skillful facilitator. I greatly valued the weeks together and the safe space she created.”


“Thank you for your commitment to this work, making it available and insightful, such a generous gift to us.”


“Wendy is a well prepared, soft spoken and compassionate presenter.”


“Wendy was a wonderful leader. She was warm and engaging, giving us the space to talk and at times the silence to think and reflect.”


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Wendy Lawson MSc(Psych) Stell.

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